Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Politik Afrika : Now its L!bya

Sekarang l!bya plak yg dah kacau bilau.... rupanya muammar gadaff! ni dah 42 tahun memerintah negara ni... previously most of us thought dia ni disukai rakyat plus kelantangan dia kutuk US mmg jadi idola many people... tp rupanya, dia tu tak lah bagus mana...

u can find his 75 minutes speech kat youtube... gaya nya mcm bapak marah anak2 bergaduh...

if you need to understand about l!byan politic ni (yg jugak kat benua afrika ni) you can find that many in wikipedia... but what interest me is about his book written in 1975... the green book... so kalau sesapa rajin blh lah baca dia punya ideologi how to make peace in this world... tp kalau baca betul2 blh sahkan mmg mamat ni gile skit lah... :-)

you can read a rough idea of the book here (again wikipedia source :-) )

the green book, the third international theory, politics of L!bya. (aku bukan buat thesis, so kalau aku based my information kat wikipedia kira ok lah jugak kan... )

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Politik Afrika - Bahra!n

Went to Bahrain 2 weeks ago... nasib baik sempat bawak wifey g sana... (will talk abt the travelling later :-) )

anyway, the chaos in Bahrain so closed to our heart since we've been there recently... and hampir semua tempat yg tunjuk dlm tv tu, kitaorg pass by...

But since we've been to the country and rasanya the culture sama je mcm kat negara ni... but we never expect something like this video would ever happened... harap2 tak akan jd kat D0ha ni.. insyaAllah...

(still title politik afrika, yes bahrain bukan kat afrika... but the politik mcm afrika - even an insult to african, i know... sorry)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Politik Afrika (Mesir)

byk sungguh cite politik africa (yup, mesir ni africa, north africa) selepas sudan dan ivory coast, muncul kisah tunisia, then egypt... and dengar cite nya algeria is soon... kisah revolution kat mesir ni, menyebabkan aku terpana kat depan tv follow the stories... for those yg tak berapa follow (yeah and i understand cite pasal mesir ni tak really well told kat tv malaysia pun :-) ) so here is the summary...

First Part:
The first episode of Egypt Burning tells the story of five days in January 2011 when the people of Egypt broke through a barrier of fear they had known for a generation and rose in revolt against their president.

Anger had long been brewing in Egypt - strikes, unemployment and sectarian tension were on the rise.

Small networks of activists had been agitating against Hosni Mubarak's autocratic rule for years. But it was only when another Arab country, Tunisia, rose up against its tyrant that the Egyptian activists attracted mass support.

People took to the streets across Egypt demanding political freedoms, an end to state corruption and a better quality of life for the impoverished population.

second part:
After seven days of mass protests, a people's movement had taken hold of the country.

At Tahrir Square in the centre of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the police had melted away. The army had moved in, but was doing nothing to stop the protests.

Full of hope and sensing that the regime might be cracking, the protesters called for a million people to gather and voice their demand that Hosni Mubarak step down. But the regime was about to fight back.

hope this helps you to understand further on what's happening kat mesir tu.

(sorry been so malas utk tulis, i will update the blog and backdate the stories, skit lagi ada entry sblm entry ni)