Sunday, November 12, 2006

FAQ 3 : Mana nak jalan

Pada sesapa yang bercadang nak datang Qatar, mestilah terfikir2 apa ada kat sini kan... so as travelling is purely my interest... and apa2 ajer yg blh membantu korang nak dtg sini... let me know...

anyway.... these are places yang i have been to give you some ideas where to go when u r in Qatar....

  • Wakra Beach

  • Souqs, Souqs (re-visit)

  • Dukhan
  • Messaied

  • Shamal Road...
  • Aktivities...

  • Crabbing
  • Sand Dune

  • List nih akan diupdate everytime i go jalan2.... u can check the updated list from the FAQs

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