Monday, November 06, 2006

Alhamdulillah.... almost there.

ooh.. Alhamdulillah... berkat kesabaran n doa (by me and the love ones)... i almost settled most of the things here....

1. I got my ID already
2. I settled with accomodation they provide
3. My passport is back with me
4. I got my first month salary (after been delayed for few weeks!)
5. I got both my local n international phone line

what's next???

1. to get my driving licence
2. to buy a car...
3. planning to go back to KL

on the job...

1. to implement the system and reporting procedure
2. to pay a visit to all Broadcast Centre (nih yg paling tak sabar nih!!!)



Anonymous said...

so, will you have the chance to visit the broadcast centre in Washington & London? If yes, cool..:-) ~N~

zal said...

yup, insyaAllah, will find my way to go there... smlm KL office called me, asking if i can go there and set up something and give some training. hmm... but KL lah... ok aper...