Monday, January 03, 2011

HIQ : Qa+ar Exxonm0bil 0pen

From today sampai weekend ni ada tennis match kat Khalifa Stadium... if you have nothing to do and enjoy watching live tennis match, go and buy your ticket... tp jgn harap lah dpt tiket2 yg dok depan. dah abis kot.

You can see details of the tournament here... QTF website.

Both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal participate in this tournament... tp depa je lah yg top 10 pun (hehehe... kena bayar lebih ke depa ni?) 4th seeded for this tournament is 22nd seeded in the world ranking... yg lain2 tu lagi lah rendah... but still when it is international match it should be exciting to watch... (still depa ni lagi bagus dr pemain malaysia :-) ) here is the promo for the tournament... main atas air tahun ni... (nice doha skyline in this video)

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