Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quick trip : Dubai - the travelling day

Raya haji sudah, since tak plan utk balik Malaysia and cancel all plan to travel far sbb takutkan RP my wife tak siap, we just travel to some place near... Dubai... and plus, Qatar Airways plak bg promotions... mmg just nice lah... we plan for a-4-days holiday, and plan to be back to Doha on the first day of eid. (but since eid is early here compared to Malaysia, and the ticket was book sblm announce eid, so we kind of spent the first 2 days of eid in Dubai).

We flew on Sunday (as the promotion started on Sunday, or else, jumaat dah fly). ambik flight 8.30am, so sebabkan flight awal, by 3.30am dah bangun n bersiap n cab pun dtg on time. tak cukup tido lah kiranya. it's 1 hour flight to Dubai... arrived in Dubai terminal 1, queue for immigration and get our bags. then g ambik kereta kat rental car.
masa kat rental car ni lama skit... sbb weekend hari tu, akan ada formula 1 kat abu dhabi, kereta pun dah abis. after 30 mins waiting br dpt kereta, tiida hatchback... everything ready and almost set to go, br perasan yg GPS tak blh berfungsi, the plug electric (sorry aku x sure term sebenar dia) tak leh guna. so kena lah tunggu another 30 mins plus... akhir nya jam 12.30pm br keluar dr airport... tired... straight away g umah haziran (previously dok kat qatar). since dia dok dubai, kitaorg save on accomodation.
on the way to umah haziran... that's burj khalifa
pergh... finally arrived kat umah haziran at Dubai marina... area dia best gile.. umah pun best... and straight away we walked to 'the Walk' which is 300 metres away... sederet kedai2 makan international with sea view... walla... best giler.. after lunch, we went back home, and since we started our day early, we felt so tired to continue the day. decided to relax until maghrib, br keluar... it's nice to have a holiday where u do not need to rush to clear all the must do thing or the tick list... pleasant and relaxing...
umah haziran yg best...
and malam tu, we went to Dubai Mall... sekadar nak window shopping and tgk fountain n big aquarium... met Jo (my fren kat dubai) sembang2 panjang... we went back around 11pm thought nak jalan2 kat the Walk but still tired due to early day today tp sambung sembang ngan tuan umah...

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