Sunday, January 22, 2012

Freezing doha...

2 minggu sudah kitaorg ingat doha dah nak masuk summer dah, sbb kat umah dah mula on aircond. tp mula hari khamis n jumaat minggu lepas, doha tetiba makin sejuk... katanya ada angin siberia sejuk yg bertiup sampai ke doha... tp kata pak arab kawan aku, nama season ni old lady weather, sebab cuaca sejuk senang dpt penyakit. tp aku tak tahu kaitan cuaca sejuk n org perempuan tua ni.

memang sejuk melampau... malam2 blh cecah bawah 10, kata wife, dia tgk dlm internet, ada harapan cecah 4degree... tu beku tu... anyway, from the news paper said:
DOHA: Qatar experienced the lowest temperature of the season yesterday, as a cold wave from Siberia that hit the country over the week end has left the whole country shivering.
People pulled out their woollens and took shelter indoors to protect themselves from the frosty winds that caused a sharp dip in mercury last evening.
The temperature was expected to dip below nine degrees Celsius inside the city and as low as five degrees in the open areas outside in the wee hours.
“I have been in Qatar for many years and for the first time I am experiencing such a low temperature. We went out in the evening and could not stay even for 15 minutes. It was so cold and windy,” was how an Indian professional, Mohammed Naushad explained the rare experience.
Another Doha resident, S Ataullah who chose to go for a picnic to the Al Khor beach with his family yesterday morning had a real tough time.
“It was a planned trip and there were three families in the group including six children. I advised others to cancel the trip due to the bad weather but they thought it would be fine since it was a sunny day. We spent about three hours in the beach and all the time we were struggling to protect ourselves from the cold, dusty winds,” said Ataullah.
He said one of the children in the group had breathing difficulties during the trip.
“He was an asthma patient. Luckily we had kept an inhaler with us,” said Ataullah.
Thanuja Jansz, a Sri Lankan insurance executive and a mom of a kid said: “I have even fallen sick because of this cold weather. So we decided to stay indoors otherwise the children too might fall sick and miss school.”
Shops reported brisk sales for blankets and sweaters yesterday, with reports about the cold spell spread by word of mouth. Rumours were also circulating about the temperature dipping to zero degrees due to some unknown phenomenon in Iraq or Iran.
The Meteorology Department has attributed the sharp fall in temperature to a cold wave coming all the way from Siberia. The cold spell is expected to prevail over the country until the end of this week but the strong northwesterly winds could subside by Tuesday, say weathermen.
The minimum temperature expected today is eight degrees while the maximum temperature could settle at 17 degrees, according to a forecast issued by the department last evening.

korang jgn terkejut, bila interview newspaper ni semua nya org south asia je... mmg gitu lah. besar lagi news cover region south asia dr qatar sendiri :-)

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