Thursday, August 26, 2010

Qatar Islamic Bank, Doha

Very frustrated with Qatar Islamic Bank... I've just requested for a temporary increase on my credit card limit. But very frustrated with the service cost. Btw, it is not simply an increase, they will block the increased amount from my current account, which means it is an increase with security. And the amount is not that huge, only for QR1,000. After all the talk, they said they will do it with a charge of QR150! what???!!! You loose nothing, you hold my money and you still wanna charge me administration fee. Plus, they've just charged me for an annual fee of QR200 last month!!! Ridicilous.... is that Islamic!!! I refused to pay. (with my Malaysian credit card account - temporary increase on credit limit is free but only for good paymaster).

Not just that, I've requested for Internet Banking Service 2 months ago. However, until now, I haven't received any email for this internet banking service. I've filled up 4 forms for this, make several complains, but nothing happened.

So for those out there... don't ever open a bank account with Qatar Islamic Bank, Doha, Qatar. Very bad service!!!

(hehehe... terpaksa tulis in english, so that kalau org google QIB, akan keluar lah entry ni... padan muka QIB)

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Que Sera Sera said...

Like I always told you before - Islamic banks or anything ended with "Islamic" is just BS! They just need the "Islamic" to get more business from the Muslims. The charges, profits (in other terms - interests) are way more than the conventionals. We know that nothing is Islamic about that! In fact, the "cekik darah" is even worst than the conventionals!