Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nak keluar negara pun kena bayar???

QR10 exit permit fee imposed
Published: Wednesday, 26 December, 2007, 03:24 AM Doha Time
By K T Chacko

THE Ministry of Interior hiked the charges for some of its services with effect from yesterday and introduced a fee of QR10 for issuing an exit permit, which was so far issued free of cost.According to the Interior Minister’s Decision No. 19 of 2007, frequent travellers can get a multiple exit permit for an annual fee of QR500. For the cancellation of such a permit the same amount will be charged.

As per the new decision, identity (ID) cards have become costlier by 100%. The new charge for issuing the ID card is QR100. For replacing a lost card, the owner will have to pay QR200.The residence permit (RP) fee for a child sponsored by the parent has been raised to QR400. The same amount will be charged for the RP of infants as well. However, those who renew their children’s visa for a period of three years will be given a discount of 20%.

Dependants who stay beyond the stipulated six months outside Qatar will be charged an additional QR500 for their return to the country.The renewal fee for worker’s visa (RP) continues to be QR1,000. Foreigners who invest in Qatar and Qatari real estate owners will also be issued residence permits for an annual fee of QR1,000.Expatriates may be granted permission to take up part-time work outside after their working hours with their sponsors for a monthly fee of QR100. Before applying for such a permission, they will have to secure the approval of their sponsors.

For transferring the visa from an old passport to a new one, the fee has been raised from QR50 to QR100. To effect changes in the name, nationality and designation, the new fee is QR200.Those who want their entry visa to be changed into work visa without leaving the country will have to pay QR500. For changing the sponsor before the visa is stamped in the passport, an expatriate worker has to pay a fee of QR300.

Students who get dual residency in another GCC country will have to pay an annual fee of QR500. For employees under company sponsorship, the fee for dual residency permit will be QR2,000.Cancellation of RPs of dependants will cost QR20 and cancellation of worker’s visa QR50.Foreigners who want to recruit domestic servants have to pay a fee of QR1,500.

Expatriates who want to change their sponsors will be charged QR1,000 for the first time, QR1,500 for the second time and QR2,000 for the third change. For firms, the fee for changing sponsors will be QR2,000, QR2,500 and QR3,000 for the first, second and third times, respectively.

Business visas, extendable up to three months, will be issued for a fee of QR200 for each month.Visit visas for relatives, extendable up to six months, will be charged QR200 a month.Non-extendable tourist visas for a month will cost QR100. Visit visas for GCC residents, extendable up to three months, will be also charged QR100 for every month.

A transit visa, valid for a maximum period of 48 hours, will cost QR100. A resident who loses his visa while abroad will be charged QR200 for issuing a return visa to Qatar.

From Gulf Times....

* aku dengar air ticket pun akan naik from 1 Jan 2008... meaning nak keluar dari negara getting costlier!!! ooh... should i stay here longer?? since my main interest utk g tgk negara2 orang kat sini... kalau mcm ni, susah lah nak melancong... hu hu hu...

ooh.... more cost.. check here...!!!

extract of it :

Renewal of driving licences to cost more
Published: Wednesday, 26 December, 2007, 03:24 AM Doha Time
Staff Reporter

-THE renewal fee of driving licences of expatriates for a period of five years has been raised to QR250 from the current QR150.
- Issuance of a temporary driving licence, valid for three months, for tourists, visitors or foreigners will cost QR150.
- The fee for issuing a duplicate licence in place of a damaged or lost document will be the same as for the issuance of the original one.
- To remove the wheel clamps of vehicles violating rules, the owner should pay a fine of QR200 for the first time and an additional QR200 for every subsequent violation. The fine has a ceiling of QR1,000.
- The usage of police cranes to move vehicles would cost QR500. The fee for permission to change the colour or shape of the vehicle is QR50.
- Those who want to take their Qatari-registered vehicles along with them outside the country can obtain a single exit permit for the vehicle for a fee of QR5.
- If applicants seek a permit for multiple exits and re-entries for a period of three months, the fee will be QR25. Such a permit can be got for six months for a payment of QR50.

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