Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Kadang-kadang in fact selalunya rasa lagi best masa terima appreciation at time when you least expected... :-)


anyway, how do you translate job promotion... it's ussually come with an increase in grade and salary kan? tp apa maknanya kena promote tp gaji tetap takuk lama.... for me... baik kena downgrade but naik gaji... less responsibility but more cash to play around... hehehhehehe... funny policy.


ainul said...

uve got promoted ke?
wow, congratulations! =)

Que Sera Sera said...

promotion without salary increment? hmmm, you’re just being conned! :(

bambang said...


Sometimes you have to agree with me that Money cannot buy happiness.

Tapi, kalau you naik pangkat, i ucapkan tahniah.


zal said...

ainul & bambang

que sera sera
i think so lah

Puteri UMNO Perak said...

money is not everything, but everything is about money!

congratulations on the promotion, bro... well, there may not be more dollar notes in ur wallet, but ur cv would certainly look good!

but then again, time to look for another job? hehehe... batu api!!!