Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The ticket...

I collected my tickets yesterday.... Yippeee.... now i'm getting more excited!!!

Dalam usaha mendapatkan tiket nih... ada lah berutus2 email dgn pihak HR di AJI... dan ada satu email nih yg memberikan gambaran suasana keje kat sana....

From Me (simplified):

Dear Maniz (HR Assistant),

I would like to know abt several things...
1. Transportation arrangement on my first week in Qat*r
2. What are the equipment provided in the apartment (my accomodation)

actually, i'm not so sure to whom i should address the question, therefore i asked the HR la....

so once Maniz received it.... this was her response, oops not response but she fwd to somebody else:

Hi He***,

Could you please reply him.


and He*** fwd to someone else...

HOs** Ja**ri,

Would you respond to him?

then at last HOs** responded:


Can you please forward this to the above mentioned gentleman…?? On arrival kindly drop by on arrival and I will explain everything to you, We at AJI are very helpful and supportive of our new employees,


Hopefully everything will be fine bila sampai sana (some ppl say... welcome to Arab world hehehe....)

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