Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Travel Report : Eastern Europe - Prague (Day 4)

it was our 2nd day in Prague... it was sunny and perfect for jalan2... as hari sebelumnya kitaorg tak sempat gi prague castle, we did the castle on the second day (above is the picture of Prague castle from Charles Bridge, taken the day before - tu sbb agak gloomy). jalan kaki je dr hotel... took a good 30 mins (x termasuk breakfast) to get there... yeah, kitaorg sesat skit... tp the sesat tu menyebabkan kepenatan maksimum... prague castle ni terletak atas bukit, sbb tersesat tu, kitaorang panjat bukit tu lebih tinggi dr prague castle itself... hehehe...

half a day is good kat prague castle ni... mcm2 ada... see some pictures below (akan upload later) and rajin2 lah tgk wikipedia and the tourism website... hehehe.. byk benda jugak kat sini... tp palace dia tak lah best sgt, i think versailles (france) and schrobrunn (austria) lagi cantik. but there's one area call golden lane was quite interesting. And from the castle you can see the whole prague old town area, cantik!!! masa breakfast pagi tu, kat hotel breakfast tu dia promo tgk the best of swan lake. me and wifey mmg minat tgk black swan and thought it would be nice to watch the show... it was a ballet show, the first time for both of us. so masa jalan2 around the old town petang tu, kitaorg cari booth utk beli tiket, it cost us 900 koruna per person for the ticket (around RM180). the show was superb for a newcomer like us. sbbkan tak pernah tgk ballet show before (not even kindergarten ballet show). and mmg the music was exactly mcm cite black swan... and mmg giler2 best best best... worth every penny :-) the show was located very near to powder tower, another part of the old town. (in front of the building below) it was not on a big scale stage (music pun bukan live) tp, it was good enough. comparable to the broadway show kat NY. that's the end of Day 4.the castle from Charles Bridge at night.

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