Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Travel Report : Eastern Europe - Budapest (Day 9-Last)

we arrived at Budapest dah mlm. had our dinner at the turkish stall at the train station. mmg sedap n murah. then back to our apartment which we had stayed on the first 2 days.
Day 9 ni, kitaorg plan nak g ke Adrassy Avenue and the freedom square which both located kat Pest. The whole strecth Adrassy Ave ni considered as Unesco site sampai lah ke freedom square. apparently, the metro station underneath the avenue is the second oldest underground train in europe. and bila kitaorg try, mmg jauh beza dgn train yg ada sekarang. in fact, laluan dia tak lah jauh ke dalam tanah, cuma lebih kurang 20 anak tangga dah sampai station. mmg ancient.

lepas jalan2 kat avenue tu yg kitaorg keluar pukul 8am right after breakfast. terus ke vaci utca or fashion street. takde apa pun designer kat jalan tu, in fact adrassy avenue ada byk kedai lagi. kitaorg ke situ sekadar nak abis kan beli souvenir. by 12pm dah kena balik ke hotel sbb nak kejar ke airport sebelum pkl 2pm. but we arrived quite early even more than 3 hours sebelum flight. lepak2 je kat airport.

the trip overall was a relax and exciting. first time for my wife felt the autumn weather. pretty cold especially the last day (sampai 3 degree). and first time jalan2 dgn kawan2 doha mcm ni. seriously we can do again!!! :-)

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