Monday, November 21, 2011

Travel Report : Eastern Europe - Prague (Day 3)

Kami sampai di Prague awal pagi. gelap lagi masa tu. we got lucky as the hotel yg kitaorg booked for Prague let us to check in very early in the morning. Kitaorg sampai je hotel, kunci dah disediakan dlm envelope, ambik n boleh masuk bilik. another budget hotel, takde reception pun. and takde service apa2... no complaint about that, dpt check in early ni mmg bless... bayangkan kalau dia kata check in only at 12 noon or 2 pm mcm sesetengah hotel. kami ni sampai 5am... mati lah penat melangut sampai tghhari. ni dpt masuk bilik, rehat2 kejap and blh turun breakfast. and we can start early and fresh.

sidetrack skit - both Prague, Rep. Czech and Budapest, Hungary masih menggunakan local currency and not euro. both rate almost similar, cumanya 10-12 duit hungary forint = 1 duit rep. czech koruna = RM 15 sen - 20 sen. walaupun nampak murah... tp value czech forint ni mahal skit sbb depa tak de nomination sen. so... kalau g toilet for example, kena bayar 10 koruna = RM2! and benda2 mcm fridge magnet, key chain (basic souvenir ni) mahal lagi kat czech dr kat budapest. back to topic. first day kat prague ni kitaorg concentrate kat old town which started from visiting the charles bridge. Our hotel mmg best, it's located 15 metres from the charles bridge (mmg aku recommend hotel ni) check outCharles Bridge Residence. above is gambar tengahari depan hotel, see how busy is the area shows how central the location is.One of the major places to visit kat Prague ni is the Charles Bridge (pic above). Dr bridge ni akn menghala ke old town center square ni ada clock tower and byk2 cathedral. we didnt enter any cathedral but we went up to the clock tower/astronomical clock. As any other old town kat europe mmg ada clock tower mcm ni kat square and bila time2 tertentu dia akan berbunyi n ada some 'movement' kat jam tu. pada aku it is good to go up to the tower utk dpt the view and better still kalau ada lift naik ke atas. tp utk clock tower kat prague ni, the movement/show ni kureng skit. i found the one kat strasbourg and munich to be better. anyway, strolling around kat old town ni very interesting. loads of thing to see. at first ingat nak g naik ke prague castle (another must see place kat prague - pic above, the tiny castle kat atas sebelah kiri gambar) tu tgh hari. tp cuaca agak gloomy that day. we cant deny, we were also a bit tired jugak. so we took a boat ride at Vlatava river. frankly, u can skip the boat ride, nothing much. but if you have no plan on what to do and what to see... ok je boat ride ni. at least ada gak org cite skit2 sejarah pasal prague. otherwise, aku pun tgk kat wikipedia je.

ptg tu, kitaorg cari kedai makan muslim kat area near train station. we also went out jalan2 kat area mustek. byk kedai2 baju around ni. we ended the day early (sbb mmg start the day very early pun). below - charles bridge at night...

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