Saturday, November 26, 2011

Travel Report : Eastern Europe - Vienna (Day 6)

First day in Vienna... no breakfast from hotel, tp ada cafe near the place. our main destination today was the schrobrunn palace. we were unlucky sbb palace ni actually for summer, so masa winter dia kurang best. to be exact from 1st Nov, byk attraction dlm compound palace ni ditutup i.e. the maze, the garden, the fountain etc... tp the main palace was open and it was excellent tp tu pun tak perfect sbb the main gallery was closed for refurbishment, tahun depan br siap :-(kitaorg visit the palace using the audio guide. the audio guide price was included dlm palace fee. it was good 1 hour plus gak dlm palace tu. but we spend another 1 - 2 hours jalan2 dlm garden. ye kami agak jakun tgk daun2 kuning2 autumn ni... so bergambar lah macam2 gaya... the leaves all turn golden... cantik ya amat!!! lepas separuh hari kitaorg melepak kat garden tu, we kind of spend byk masa nak cari kedai makanan halal, as we wanted to try schnitzel - rupanya chicken chop je... lepas makan kitaorg terus ke stephanplatz, by then hari pun dah gelap. its the center of vienna town. jalan2... makan2... ambik2 gambar... ooh.. we tried sacher cake masa kat stephenplatz.. very nice chocolate cake :-) and malam tu had dinner at Malaysian restaurant - one of the 3 malaysian restaurants. the food was good - way better than malaysian restaurant kat doha ni... taste sucks... opps sorry ye!!!

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