Thursday, November 24, 2011

Travel Report : Eastern Europe - Prague/Vienna (Day 5)

ya ya... vienna not eastern europe, dia pakai euro...

day 5 started quite early. we had a train to catch to get us to vienna. pagi tu lepas breakfast, we went to John Lennon Wall... bukannya kitaorg peminat john lennon pun, but since the wall was very near to the hotel, kitaorg gi lah situ kejap... saja abiskan few minutes before shoot to the train station utk ke vienna... by the way, our hotel in prague was Charles Bridge Residence. the hotel was excellent to superb. no services in the hotel, takde reception but i gave them 1 trillion extra marks for tak kisah org check in early. the breakfast was served in a small cafe across the street... the food was good especially the ommelette, quite big and blh tahan sampai tghhari. (nampak sgt aku suka hotel ni, dah 2 entry promote dia)

Our 5th day was not that eventful. 5 hours train ride to vienna... get to vienna pun dah late afternoon... sbb mencari hotel agak susah skit, kitaorg agak penat utk venture to main town mlm tu. anyway, we have another 2 days kat vienna... so lets get a good rest. had our dinner in a chinese restaurant... and kena ikut by some org mabuk (tak kena kejar pun, kena tegur... n perasan sendiri kena kejar... jalan je laju2... hehehe). we ended the night quite early.

Hotel kat vienna very very spacious. amenities was excellent. ada tv. ada couch ada chess set lagi. tp antara hotel ke metro was a distance lah jugak.. 200 metres... tak lah jauh, tp bila malam n sejuk n gelap, it does matter... tp sejak dimanjakan ngan cheap apartment n near to town hotel kat budapest and excellent hotel in the old town itself in prague, hotel kat vienna ni dpt rate rendah from us. the price pun paling mahal between the 3 - 70 euro per night but still cheaper than the sleeper cabin :-).

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