Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eastern Europe: What we have missed...

when we agreed to go for the trip, i've decided not to read much malas nak plan beriye 1 - because i have a friend who will do the planning. 2 - i just wanna go with the flow without byk sgt thinking and tick list. nak relax2 je and enjoy the time with wife and friends. amazingly, i really loved it. seronok bila aku tak payah nak think aheads of time and do the itinerary. aku seronok n nak buat lagi mcm ni. but still there are things that we have missed, more or less not because of poor planning cumanya mcm mana nak buat semua if we only gave 2 days in each cities. we need more time to explore more. so the below regrets are mostly, if only we have more time...

1. Budapest - there were plenty of museums in the city especially on top of the buda hill. Ada hospital museum etc. but one that i remember and probably quite good was the terror museum. This museum is dedicated to Nazi & Russia rasanya. Terror Haza. Aku takde lah baca review yg museum ni best, tp aku rasa if i got more time, i'll go.

2. Budapest - Szechenyi Bath and Spa Budapest ni sebenarnya very famous. it's a place for thermal bath. dok mandi ramai2... even masa sejuk pun, it is said that the bath is good. tp aku ni tak lah adventurer sgt nak pakai swimming trunk mandi beramai2... tambah plak mcm mana wife aku nak join. but perhaps, this is one activity kalau korang g sana blh pergi.

3. Budapest - where ever kitaorg g tgk menu restaurant mesti ada goulash soup as the starter. aku ada check dkt kedai turkish if they know any halal goulash soup around, tp depa kata tu makanan local yg takde turkish or halal restaurant. kitaorg ada skali nak masuk kedai kosher utk try, tp kedai tu tutup plak for sabbath day. but the experience was very eerie masa masuk kedai tu, my wife bertudung rasa intimidated. so we decided not to go even when the kedai is open. we got the recipe, so we might try to cook ourselves. anyway, from the recipe mcm masak kuah dalca without santan and dalca je.

4. Prague - I missed to see this:

Prague - kitaorg g kejap sangat. it is a small romantic old town. we tak discover pun the new town. certainly the city deserved a day if not two more days. period.

Vienna - i should have bought the opera ticket, i.e. the cheap tickets. although there's no seat. although u wont understand. although you have to stand for an hour. although u have to dress a bit. it's the experience. and the view and perhaps to see the real thing. the concerto we went, can be missed. don't go.

Vienna - we should hang out more minum2 coffee... (not only in vienna though, in other places as well). but luckily we had coffee at sacher cafe which was good.

Vienna - Bratislava - we wanted to take the danube river boat ride to travel between the two. tp sbb weather and season, the boat ride takde.

Vienna - The Scrobrunn Palace garden yg tutup from November onwards.

All in all - we've been using train to travel between the cities. it was 4 of us, we should have thought of travelling by a car. rent a car can get us to many other side places. tp kalau banyak sidetrack pun tak bagus jugak. so, because of timing kitaorg ambik train. tp kalau ambik kereta, maybe we could explore more on the country side. but sleeping in the sleeper train was certainly an experience which i didn't regret at all.

as i said, ni jalan2 suka2 without any comitment utk cover semua benda. punya relax sampai kenkadang aku rasa mcm aku tak berada kat negara org pun. mcm tempat2 ni aku akan senang2 je pergi lain kali. walhal, this might be the first and the last utk aku pergi i.e. next time baik aku gi tempat2 lain. tp... sebenarnya i've been to vienna before - year 2004 tp for 24 hours je and i think i wanna go to prague again :-)

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