Tuesday, April 01, 2008


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Senior al-Jazeera staff quit English service
Al-Jazeera English, the global news channel launched as a sibling to the Arab-language service, has suffered its most high-profile defections yet amid growing unease among staff about its future.

Insiders say more than 15 staff have quit or resigned in recent months amid complaints of a lack of clarity over its direction, contractual disputes and speculation over a relaunch later this year.

Clark was a key figure in the long delayed launch of al-Jazeera English in November 2006, with an ambitious mission to challenge the dominance of CNN and the BBC with an "alternative worldview".

Insiders say Clark's departure was expected after his wife, Jo Burgin, the former head of planning at al-Jazeera English, launched a claim for sex, race and religious discrimination. It is expected to be heard in the next two to three months.

But they said it was a further example of the disharmony that has gripped the broadcaster, particularly in Doha, since its launch. Even before it launched, there was a split between the management of the original channels, launched in 1996 and funded by the emir of Qatar, and the new international version

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and you might have read this previously.... now it becomes this.... Dave Marash quits Al-Jazeera English

Former "Nightline" reporter Dave Marash has quit Al-Jazeera English, saying Thursday his exit was due in part to an anti-American bias at a network that is little seen in this country.

Marash said he felt that attitude more from British administrators than Arabs at the Qatar-based network.

Marash was the highest-profile American TV personality hired when the English language affiliate to Al-Jazeera was started two years ago in an attempt to compete with CNN and the BBC. He said there was a "reflexive adversarial editorial stance" against Americans at Al-Jazeera English.

"Given the global feelings about the Bush administration, it's not surprising," Marash said. But he found it "became so stereotypical, so reflexive" that he got angry.

Al-Jazeera English has been largely unsuccessful in getting U.S. cable or satellite systems to pick it up, except for the municipal cable system in Burlington, Vt., and a small system visible in Toledo and Sandusky, Ohio. But its programming is available on the network's YouTube site.

Marash said there are other reasons for his exit. He said the network has quickened the pace of its broadcast instead of having the slower, more reflective tone than he had expected. But he praised the network for its coverage of issues south of the equator.
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so... this morning ada lah keluar rumours... katanya the Director of the Channel has tendered his resignation as well... gosh... i've decided to resign as well....

but luckily... it's just another APRIL FOOL joke.... hehehehe... so i will stay... :-)

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