Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kerja Kosong!!!

I have received the following email from Finance Department:

Dear all,

As you know, Finance Department needs to fill-in the vacant positions across the different Sections of the Department in order to allow for a better work quality with lesser workload...

Accordingly, you are kindly requested to submit CVs of candidates whom you think are qualified, hard-working and have a pleasant character to me and I shall pass them on to our Department Manager.

So you guys out there... yang keje Finance lah... please do submit your CV... tak kisah lah ada experience ke tak... i think ada je keje kat sini yang sesuai... :-)


whitelighter said...

Zal I nak.... I dah bosan kerja technical.. hehehe boleh ke? bagik la email. mine is syafei@yahoo.com (we are facebook friend as well)

D.Y.M.M Bambang said...


I am in construction..boleh tak?

zal said...

send ur resume to zals.blogspot@gmail.com

abg bambang
tak de lah cari org construction.. dulu dah ada kat doha.. g blah plak.. hehehe

DarcyDiaries said...

Hi Zal,

I am interested. Care to give your email add and shall i forward the CV via you?


P/S: Got ur blog address from other friend in Doha.

zal said...


my email as above... yup, submit to me.

Welcome to my blog.