Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Obtaining driving license... (part 1)

At 4.50am this morning, aku dah memang terjaga dr lelap, tp aku malas bangun sbb alarm aku tak berbunyi lagi :-) tp tetiba aku dengar hp aku berdering tp bukan ring tone alarm. It was a singaporean, flatmate-officemate yang call aku. i tot she is still in s'pore... apasal lak call jam 4.50am... bukannya dia pregnant nak beranak pun. rupanya dia call sbb her personal driver tak bangun tidor n tak muncul-muncul utk hantar dia g buat driving test. janji nak datang at 4.30am... tp tak muncul2... so dia woke me up, minta tolong hantar ke driving school...

yeah.... it's 5am... and mmg giler, buat ujian memandu masa matahari pun belum terbit... but lucky me... aku tak perlu melalui semua benda ni.. :-) alhamdulillah...

but for those yg nak tahu pasal obtaining driving license in Qatar... ni ada keratan email yg aku dapat thru yahoo groups Malaysian @Qatar... (since aku tak de real experience aku bg tahu org lain punya experience lah)

I heard United should be good. Alternate pls
go to Karwa ... also good, sbb Karwa ada ajar road etica, slide show driving at
qatar, defensive driving. Karwa very professional, kereta baru,
a/con, customer dimuliakan, trainer pakai uniform & tie lagi, dan kalau
kao nasib baik, dapat trainer Indon ... Kawra can 5 days or 7 or 12 days

I've finally enrolled myself in United Driving School
yesterday...Early in the morning yesterday i went to Traffic Dept at Medinat
Khalifa...go to the Drivers License Section...Go to one of the ladies at the
counter and ask for direct converstion but obviously i can't due to malaysian
license or maybe due to i'm not speaking to her boss/director...after checking
my docs,she asked me to go to driving school...I said i've gone but i need the
Traffic Dept endorsement that my license is validated so that i can take the
short course...then she said."Driving School has Traffic Dept...", But then i
mentioned that it's only open during the weekdays and it will already be closed
by the time i reach Doha from Ras Laffan...after much hesitation and thought,
she takes out the Traffic Dept Stamp and stamp it on all my documents
with a note in arabic on frontpage...then i just say thank you
and left...

Later i went to United Driving (behind thursday friday
market, market R/A off salwa road) and show my docs and asked that
reception guy to interpret what the lady immigration has written in
arabic...Obviously he can't understand also so he asked his boss, the boss told
me the note said that "License verified, recommend direct test"...haha!! So
i kindly reject the direct test becoz it's like 95% chances i'll fail
(after hearing some horrible stories from malaysians who've done direct
test) he enrolled me to the half course...12 hours including 1 test for waiting list is about 3 just have to wait for the call for
my 1st lesson...

many Malaysians andsone Indo had bad experience with
Doha Drivg Schooland Al-Rayya Drvg School.

you cannot convert mesia license here, and we hope in
the near future can convert. You can go to Karwa or United driving
school, take short lesson, 5,7,12 days, and the fee is around

To start just register personally at the drv school, and I
know Karwa is very good customer service. Dont ever try to call any
of the drv school, as your call willl not likely be answered
Yes, there
are long queue al ALL drv school ... so, if you can take the lesson during
office hours, then you can beat the queue, and start learning
immediately. This is due to many people here can only take drv
lesson after work, so ada bottleneck lah

you can drive & rent car as long as you dont get the
RP, once you get RP approved, then your mesia & intl drv license =

FYI - a few guys got their Msian licence
fullyconverted at Madinat Khalifa Police Station by talkingto the director
there. You may try your luck bytelling good reasons for the conversion. Some
peoplegot partial conversion (test on road only).

ni baru first part i.e. mcm mana nak register utk masuk kelas memandu... nanti aku tulis, macam mana experience org masa test plak...


Anonymous said...

My own experience ngan Al Rayyah Driving School was a pleasant . Generalisation is bad..

Now you can not convert/transfer your Malaysian licence to Qatari licence even you go & see the top Police Officer. From 1 Oct 07, they have been very strict.

zal said...

hmm.. all those quote based on ppl experience not mine.

btw, sapa ni??