Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I received this email today....

Etihad Airways
The National Airline of the United Arab Emirates

Dear ,
Your application reference number is: EY/07/08/00432
Applied date: 01/08/2007

Please be advised your application has been reviewed but has not been short listed on 26/11/2008.

Thank you for your interest in Etihad Airways, and please feel free to apply for other opportunities that are a suitable match with your skills and experience.
The details of the job you have applied are:

Job Code: 7310
Job Title: Senior Finance Officer Holidays & Credit Control
Department: FinanceLocation: Abu Dhabi.
Opening Date: 24/07/2007
Expiry Date: 15/09/2007
Job Type: Permanent

Regards,Recruitment TeamEtihad Airways
Note: Do not reply to this mail as it comes from a non-working email address within Etihad Airways' online application system.


wow... aku dah lupa dah pasal application ni... dah lebih setahun br aku dpt reply... but bagus gak lah depa reply...

so those out there yg minta keje kat middle east... jangan berputus harap kalau depa tak reply lepas sebulan 2... sbb depa maybe call u up later............................ (setelah setahun?)


yeen said...

keh keh.. why am i not surprise? typical

zal said...