Monday, June 25, 2007

more worried :-(

aku dapat call tadi... masa office

(semua perbualan in English)

call 1...

sec. dir : are you 'zal'?
aku : yes... sapa tu?
sec. dir : saya secretary director
aku : ok
sec. dir : have you signed your contract?
aku : no (jgn persoalkan kenapa aku naive duduk kat sini tanpa kontrak, aku dah berkali2 minta tp byk saja alasan)
sec. dir : are u sure.
aku : yes, so when will i get my contract?
sec. dir : I will think about it?
aku : what do you mean, you'll think about it?
sec. dir : i'll check n think about it, bye...

call 2...

sec. dir : 'zal' its me again
aku : yes, so when will i get my contract
sec. dir : ok... so u r an XXX, so u will get QRXXXX and housing allowance of QRXXXX, so will you sign this contract
aku : what? (ooh amaun tu jauh daripada apa yg dijanjikan sebelum aku dtg sini :-( )
sec. dir : the amount that i've said, is the salary of all the staff at ur level
aku : but that's not the amount as per earlier agreement
sec. dir : but u have not signed the agreement, you do not have an agreement, do you want to sign this contract or not?
aku : (speechless)
sec. dir : so?
aku : i'll go to ur office, and we shall discuss further, there's so many people around my place at the moment.... :-(


Anonymous said...

my goodness..pity you..i think i have been listening abt this since the first week you were there!!! :(

This has been going on for 8 months now?? I think you shld start to send resumes, either to other companies in Doha or back in M'sia. Better be prepared! But whatever it is, please please fight for your rights and don't give face to them!

zal said...

in fact dah nak masuk 10 bulan dah!!! i'm preparing myself for the worst...

hehehe... resume??? hmmm.. in process nak update ni...

Anonymous said...

Should check your offer letter and cross reference to any correspondences in relation to the salary and remuneration
(if any)

-am kl-